How can we shape 2D surfaces into 3D surfaces and back? And how would they possibly adapt to different situations? Giving plasticity to fabric like materials was a task I worked on during my internship at Jakob Schläpfer. A Swiss company known for its innovative and experimental fabric creations and leader in innovating for Haute Couture fashion designers.

Using the technology of machine sequins embroidery, I researched on different stitching techniques and materials to explore shape-change. Embroidering sequins in a preprogrammed design with stretchable yarn on water soluble fleece, I was was able to achieve controlled shape transformation. By washing the embroidered fabric, the fleece dissolves and the net like structure shrinks due to the contractive force of the stretchable yarn. Shapes like flowers and bubbles were designed, and the fabrics taken into the Runway collections of well known fashion designers.