Art x Science at the Science Museum, London.

Our hearts are often thought of as our emotional centre. Advances in medical imaging have furthered our understanding of our hearts and studies suggest that stress from extreme life events can have an impact on the structure and function of the heart. Drawing on personal accounts of women and methods of analysing cardiac images, Hidden Stories of the Heart translates experiences of extreme stress into abstract models and sounds of the heart to explore how stress and disease can affect our vital organ. The use of papier-mâché – which sees distressed, shredded paper transform into a strong structure – echoes the resilience of the women and their hearts.

A wonderful collaboration between artists and scientists from the Royal College of Art and King’s College London, exhibited at the Science Museum London during the Great Exhibition Road Festival, 2021.

King’s College London: Marica Muffoletto

Royal College of Art: Elizabeth Olukoya, Sophie Richter

Sound Design: Renzo Vitale, Grace Millett, Elijah Olukoya

The soundscapes were designed based on heart beats associated to a specific disease the women suffer from. 5 different stories were explored, each of them expressed through an individual sound composition.

An Almost Fatal Birth
Sound Design: Renzo Vitale
An Emotional Rollercoaster
Sound Design: Renzo Vitale
The Manipulative Isolation
Sound Design: Grace Millett
The Tragic Loss
Sound Design: Elijah Olukoya

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