The BMW i Vision Circular.

Circular product design begins by thinking about things differently. For the BMW i Vision Circular this meant scrutinising processes and manufacturing technologies and thinking differently. Hence, the classical instrument panel was turned into a next-generation phygital user interface which we call “Phygital Icon”. Here, it takes the form of a hovering, V-shaped sculpture that projects out into the cabin. At its heart is a 3D-printed, crystal body with nerve-like structures running through it, great visual depth and an enthralling lighting effect. This is where the vehicle’s “thinking” is visualised, allowing the user to see its intelligence at work. The instrument panel also serves as an area for interaction though, giving form to the fundamental idea of creating experiences that extend far beyond displays and buttons.

As an Experience Technologist I was looking at ways of how to visualise and interact with data in 3D space for the design of a novel interface beyond buttons and screens. By combining 3D printing, projection mapping and hand tracking we designed an interactive light sculpture that would display content based on hand movement or natural stimuli. An interactive soundscape along with the hand tracking makes this experience truly multi-sensory.

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